Calm Buoy Subsea Hose change out

As part of a clients maintenance schedule, a 38m subsea hose connecting the CALM buoy to the PLEM (Pipeline End Manifold) needed replacing.

The job included a single CALM (Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring) Buoy installation. It is the import terminal for Aframax-size tankers with crude oil imports to the  Refinery. The terminal is connected to the Monobuoy by a 36” pipeline; there is a 22” line from the terminal to the refinery.

Project Details

As part of the maintenance schedule the 38m subsea hose connecting the CALM buoy to the PLEM (Pipeline End Manifold) needed replacing, as part of its planned maintenance. Hughes Subsea were contracted to complete the subsea hose maintenance change out, This involved building up the replacement subsea hose shoreside, disconnecting and removing the adjacent floating hose, removing the original subsea hose and jumper control line, installing the replacement subsea hose, and finally re-installing the original floating hose. This work was to be completed by divers in an area notorious for zero visibility and fast paced currents. 

To complete this scope of work, Hughes Subsea mobilised a complete IMCA D 023 compliant dive spread onboard the Vos Sweet vessel, along with a dive team to complete the works. Hughes subsea conducted extensive pre-project engineering, implementing bespoke design ideas and 3D storyboards to ensure every aspect of the project had been captured as a result of this the project was completed for the client in a safe, efficient, and timely manner.

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