SMT-ROV Subsea Multi Tool

SMT-ROV Subsea Multi Tool

Combining a DP Multi-Role Vessel and the Subsea Multi-Tool (SMT-ROV) provides the offshore industry with one of the most capable and cost effective ‘one stop’ diverless operations currently available on the market.

We offer versatile deployment methods including; 15-Tonne A-frame launch and recovery system(LARS), with or without an active heave compensated (AHC) winches available, or, vessel crane, tagging tower and constant tension (CT) winch. Boasting a through-frame lift capability of up to 30-Tonnes the SMT-ROV is capable of heavy lift operations using a series of hydraulic tools and can also be transformed into a ‘state of the art’ Survey Skid, which can provide accurate seabed surface and sub-surface imaging for tasks such as UXO, Mattress identification, Depth-of Burial survey, free-span identification, etc.

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Dimensions (LxBxH): 2.1m x 2.1m x 1.6m (6.9ft x 6.9ft x 5.5ft)
Power Units: 2 x 75 shaft kw = 150 shaft kw (200 shaft hp) Sub-Atlantic / Rexroth using industry approved bio-degradable oil
Available Hydraulic Power: 135 kw (180hp) total
Through-Frame Lift Capacity: 20 Tonnes
Vehicle Depth Rating: 4000 metres
Thrusters: 4 x Sub-Atlantic 420mm (16.5ft) diameter
Maximum Thrust: 1000 kgf (2200 lbs)
Telemetry: Innova 6 video and 3+ ethernet
Gyro Compass: Tritech IGC
Auto-Heading: Yes
Auto-Altitude using AHC: Yes
Optional Survey Pod Integration: Yes
Cameras: Low light and colour as standard on 2 x tilt platforms
Lighting: LED Flood
Control Cabin: 20ft insulated and air conditioned with Cyberchair pilot control
Winch Capacity: 1500 metres
Active Heave Compensation: 15 tonnes @ 4 metres displacement with real time load monitoring

  • Industry standard components
  • 150kW / 200HP
  • 1000kg Thrust
  • Multiple tooling capability
  • State of the art telemetry
  • 6 x camera video channels
  • Multiple ethernet channels
  • Single composite umbilical
  • 15 tonnes through-frame lift
  • Multi-beam sonar
  • Auto-altitude with AHC winch
  • Auto-heading
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