SMT-ROV Subsea Multi Tool

SMT-ROV Subsea Multi Tool

Combining a DP Multi-Role Vessel and the Subsea Multi-Tool (SMT-ROV) provides the offshore industry with one of the most capable and cost effective ‘one stop’ diverless operations currently available on the market.

We offer versatile deployment methods including; 15-Tonne A-frame launch and recovery system(LARS), with or without an active heave compensated (AHC) winches available, or, vessel crane, tagging tower and constant tension (CT) winch. Boasting a through-frame lift capability of up to 30-Tonnes the SMT-ROV is capable of heavy lift operations using a series of hydraulic tools and can also be transformed into a ‘state of the art’ Survey Skid, which can provide accurate seabed surface and sub-surface imaging for tasks such as UXO, Mattress identification, Depth-of Burial survey, free-span identification, etc.

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The SMT-ROV system comes fully mobilised with vehicle, control system, launch and recovery system as well as any required subsea project tooling.

ROV Dimensions2.13 x 2.13 x 1.65
Lift Capacity (through frame)20Te SMTROV 1 & SMTROV 3 
Vehicle Depth Rating3000msw
Thrustersx4 - 420mm SMTROV 1
x4 - 380mm SMTROV 2 & SMTROV 3
Maximum Thrust1000 kgf
LightingUp to x6 - dimmable subsea lights
Positioning EquipmentGyro, Transponders, Altimeter, Depth Sensor
SonarMulti-beam or Object Avoidance
Video ChannelsUp to x6
Video-suiteFull DVR with Overlay & Stills image capability
  • Bespoke docking bullet (A-Frame LARS only)
  • Anti-corrosion galvanised steel frame construction
  • Weight – 2.7Te (in air), 2.0Te (in water)
  • Up to 30Te through frame lift capacity (SMTROV 1 & 3 20Te, SMTROV 2 30Te)
  • Hydraulic locking pin for underslung tooling, with latched indicators
  • x4 - 420mm Sub-Atlantic (SMTROV 1) or x4 -380mm Rovquip Thrusters (SMTROV 2 & 3)
  • SMTROV1 – 200Hp, SMTROV 2 & 3 – 150Hp
  • Dedicated 4 st. thruster valve pack @160l/min
  • Dedicated 10st. tooling valve pack @15l/min
  • Fibre-optic control system
  • Auto-heading
  • Altimeter and depth sensor
  • Gyrocompass
  • Up to x6 dimmable lights
  • SMTROV 1 & 2:  x4 Cameras, SMTROV 3:  x6 Cameras
  • Power/electronics pod
  • Up to x12 - RS232, x12 - RS485 serial channels, x4 Ethernet and x6 video channels
  • Hughes Subsea Control System
  • Touch screen control system, joystick controller
  • Media wall; c/w monitors
  • DVR unit: Overlay, multi-channel recording and stills image capable
  • Spares package including valves, hoses, and major components
  • Power supplies for tooling and additional deck lighting
  • Lighting, work benches, vices etc

Table below provides typical equipment weights and dimensions, these may vary marginally based on project needs, vessel, and availability.

Control Van (a)6000mm2430mm2590mm14Te
Workshop Van (a)6070mm2430mm2730mm15Te
Deck Pack (b)1800mm1000mm1600mm1.5Te
Stores Container (c)2980mm2500mm2450mm6Te

(a) Typical values for these items, dimensions may vary +/- 100mm, weights will never exceed those shown.
(b) Value shown represents standard deck pack, other variants are available where pressure and flow rates are higher or where vessel deck space is at a premium.
(c) Stores container requirement is project specific and is not required for every project.

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