The VALOR (Versatile and Lightweight Observation ROV) is the most powerful Observation ROV available in its class.

The standard system has been built to a depth rating of 300m, however the unique design of this platform allows the vehicle to be extended up to 1000m with simple modifications.

The versatility of VALOR is limitless given the significant payload, unrivalled power capability and available bandwidth allowing the ROV to manage complex tooling and sensor packages.


  • The lightest ROV platform in its class
  • The highest payload in its class
  • System power beyond its class
  • No power compromised for portability
  • Ability to manage complex tooling and sensor packages
  • Industry leading control software
  • More thrust than any other vehicle in this class
  • An extremely flexible and configurable platform
  • Supports multiple 1Gbps Ethernet links
  • Mid-water Station Keeping (MWSK)
  • Depth Rating 300m (1000 ft.)
  • Length 860mm (33.9 in)
  • Width 600mm (23.6 in)
  • Height 550mm (21.7 in)
  • Weight in Air ~ 86Kg (189 lbs)
  • Max Payload ~ 21kg (46 lbs)
  • Through Frame Lift 100kg (220 lbs)
  • System Input Voltage Two ranges of PSU - 415VAC with an operating range of 373 to 456 VAC and a 480VAC with an operating range of 432 to 528 VAC.
  • System Input Current 20 A – Base System
  • Power Delivered to POV 800V DC, 10kW Base System
  • Tether (300m supplied) 6 x Power Conductors, 4 x SM Fibre, 1x Shielded Twisted Pair
  • Topside Weight 90Kg (198 lbs)
  • Display 1 x 17.3” Rackmount HD Monitor, 1 x Rackmount HD Touchscreen Monitor
  • Surface Display Console Transit Case - 417mm (H) (16.4 in) x 583mm (W) (23 in) x 870mm (D) (34.2 in)
  • Input Device Topside Controller c/w Hand Controller
  • Number of Horizontal Thrusters 4 Thrusters vectored at 43°
  • Type of Horizontal Thrusters RS485 controlled Brushless DC
  • Number of Vertical Thrusters 2 Thrusters angled at 30°
  • Type of Vertical Thrusters RS485 controlled Brushless DC
  • Thrust Forward 71Kgf (157 lbf)
  • Thrust Backward 71Kgf (157 lbf)
  • Thrust Lateral 71Kgf (157 lbf)
  • Thrust Vertical 43Kgf (95 lbf)
  • Number of Lights 4
  • Type of Lights 2250 Lumen dimmable LED
  • Number of Cameras Supplied 2 x GigE Cameras
  • Type and Number of Cameras Supported 6 x 3G HD-SDI, 1 x pal / NTSC, 1 HD / SDi camera and up to 5 GigE Vision / IP cameras


  • Expansion Ports: 5 x User connectors each supporting;
  1. Variable 12V DC- 48V DC software configured power output
  2. Gigabit Ethernet
  3. RS232/422/RS485 (software selectable)
  4. 1 PPS
  5. TTL Sync in3
  6. TTL Sync out3
  7. Analog in ± 10V 16-bits
  8. Analog out ± 10V 12-bits
  9. Option to add AUX / Tooling Hybrid Connector
  • Pilot Aids:
  1. Auto Heading
  2. Auto Depth
  3. Auto Altitude (requires DVL / Altimeter to be fitted)
  4. Auto Hover4
  5. Advanced Navigation Spatial
  • Hughes Subsea is a Diving and ROV contractor member of IMCA.
  • Hughes Subsea operates a certified integrated Business Management System comprising ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, certified by DNV.
  • As a minimum all Hughes Subsea diving operations are conducted to IMCA guidelines.
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